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We have hotel Arija, annex Bor** of hotel Arija*** and four youth hostels:

1. HOTEL ARIJA *** (64 beds)

Modern hotel built in 2008 with health activities. It has its own reception, restaurant and 64 beds divided in 34 rooms. Inside the hotel there is a clinic and center of health and wellbeing, there is also a modern video conference room, for up to 150 participants.

2. ANNEX BOR**, OF HOTEL ARIJA*** (157 beds)

Annex Bor** of hotel Arija *** was built in the ‘90s. Inside the hotel we can find small hall, reception, bar and restaurant, it has 157 beds in total.

3. YOUTH HOSTELS (491 beds)

Youth homes are consisted of multi-bedded rooms, multipurpose hall and shared bathroom facilities. In the youth hostel Rakovica, we have smaller demonstration kitchen designed to spread healthy lifestyle among young people.