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Slovenian Red Cross Youth and Health Resort Debeli rtič is a health center for children, youth, families and seniors. With a unique location, beneficial microclimate and adequate modern medical, therapeutic and sports facilities, it has been successfully contributing to the cure and prevention of health conditions of children and youth in the past few years.


1955 – the idea was born,

13.06.1956 – the first 100 children went to holiday, which is today celebrated as the birthday of the Youth health and Summer resort Debeli rtic.,

1960 – 3000 children in tents,

1956-1962 - first 2 buildings,

1963 – beginning of health treatment,

1975 - new 150 bedded dormitory,

90’s - outdoor swimming pool, Hotel Bor, a new dining room,

00’s - Hotel Aria, Wellness center,

Today - New playgrounds and sporting facilities, renovation of youth resort Rakovica, celebrating 60th anniversary.